In need to decipher my own subconscious imagery, I explore worldwide mythology, searching for traces of shared experiences, which traverse geography and time, in conversation with what Carl Jung describes as “the constant and permanent connection of the person with mythological archetypes”. Elements of my own memories become intertwined with a variety of civilizational references, in a non-hierarchical manner, cul- minating into a personal language of animalistic forms, mythological symbols and traces of imaginary writing, as she relates to the notion of a primordial collective consciousness which exists before language, yet encompasses all ‘languages’.

PHOENIX belongs to an ongoing series of sculptural ceramic creatures, which I imagine as a ‘chorus of priests’; a totemic figure whose form relates to the human body, comprised of animalistic and apotropaic elements which can be translated both as existing symbols and traces of personal memories, ambiguous elements which fluctuate between protection and fear.

PHOENIX, clay and metal, 180x68x68 cm, 2021