The ghost of Memory

The ghost of Memory section is a thorough study of the ways in which the human figure is captured over time through photographic media such as photosensitive chemicals and dark room developing. During a process of various experiments and during the photographic printings, I noticed from the results that when the form of the original image loses its clarity, is damaged or changed, it automatically defines a new image. Initially at random and then more and more with control, I wanted to use the aesthetic features of these derivative images as the main element of my later tests. In this way, the photographic take of the human figure was gradually transformed into a spectral depiction and finally into a phantom portrayal. That which was autonomously created by the image itself, was for me an area of union of the imaginary and the real world, which became over time the central point of my entire research.

The ghost of Memory, photosensitive fluid, handmade film, drawing with the technique of cold encaustic with natural wax on marble, various dimensions, 2021